What Will You Learn in Online Criminology Courses?

In the study of criminology, you’ll focus on more than just the “what” of a crime – you’ll also look at the “why.” Criminology looks at why a crime was committed in an attempt to find ways to predict criminal behavior and deter crime in the future. In addition to looking at the causes, as a criminologist you’ll analyze the effects and social impact of criminal behaviors.

With an online Master of Science in Criminology degree from Regis University, you’ll dive deeper into the analysis of criminal behavior. You can also specialize in a specific area for your career, allowing you to choose leadership, human behavior or cybercrime/terrorism as your primary area of interest.

What’s covered

Online criminology courses can cover many different topics, and they can range from the origin of criminology to advanced theories in crime prediction and prevention.

Regis’ online and on-campus program offers important areas of study such as leadership principles as they apply to criminology and contemporary ethical standards. This includes looking at ethical questions such as political influence, conflicts of interest, violation of trust and the abuse of power and authority. You can also learn more about research analysis and application, rapid decision-making and strategic planning, implementation and evaluation.

As we become more globally connected, the need to understand crime on a transnational level becomes crucial. Regis’ program looks at the economic and social-cultural context of such crimes and terrorism, human trafficking, drug dealing, organized crime and more.

There is also a course in contemporary crime policy, which examines not just current needs, but prepares leaders for what is needed to address the future needs of criminology and public policy.

Few areas of criminology are receiving as much attention today as cybercrime, and Regis offers an entire course on cyber criminology. This course looks at how crimes are being committed through the use of technology today, but also delves into future trends in digital crime and criminology.

End results

Building on your existing knowledge and experience, the Master of Science in Criminology degree from Regis University will equip you with improved speaking, writing and leadership qualities to boost success in your chosen specialty, and you will also have a better understanding of the cultural and individual diversities of society. In addition to being able to analyze the complexities of aberrant human behavior, you will also better understand the need for promoting the common good.

With so many different career options in criminology, an online Master of Science in Criminology degree can help focus your area of interest and tailor your studies around that specialty. Request more information or call 877.820.0581 to learn what the online program at Regis University can do for you.

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