Job Opportunities for Those That Focus in Human Behavior

What makes people act the way they do? Why are many criminals repeat offenders? If you wonder about the answer to these questions, Regis University’s Master of Science in Criminology with a Human Behavior focus can provide you with the education needed to understand human behavior and the criminal mind as it relates to deviant behavior.

Why pursue a human behavior focus?

Criminology encompasses many different facets. Here are a few reasons you may want to pursue a focus in human behavior:

  • You want to gain a greater understanding of unusual criminal behaviors
  • You are interested in psychology and how it relates to criminology
  • You are interested in the relationship between mental health and criminal behavior
  • You want to make a difference by helping to apprehend and treat criminals in your community

Career options

A Master of Science in Criminology provides many rewarding career opportunities, and among the jobs waiting for those who specialize with a human behavior focus are:

Criminal profiler. Criminal profilers work in the field of forensic science, evaluating and analyzing evidence to profile what type of person might commit the crime. After evaluating evidence and facts about the crime using scientific reasoning and logic, a criminal profiler can infer a criminal’s age, gender, occupation, appearance and more. A criminal profiler can also provide insight into possible motives for a crime.1

Criminologist. A criminologist studies the causes of crime. These studies help determine public policy or law enforcement procedures as they pertain to the nature and causes of crime, or the appropriate responses to certain crimes. A criminologist’s work can also influence whether a criminal receives a prison sentence or mental health treatment.2

Criminologists can find employment in a wide number of fields, including:

  • Human Services
  • Corrections
  • Forensics
  • Intervention programming
  • Rehabilitation
  • Psychopathology specialist
  • Youth programming

Forensic Psychologist. A forensic psychologist analyzes patterns of behavior among serial criminal offenders. This psychologist helps law enforcement officials find behavior patterns in similar crimes, which can aid them in making an arrest.

With a Master of Science in Criminology with a Human Behavior focus from Regis University, you will gain the knowledge and understanding of the criminal mind needed to launch or further a rewarding and meaningful career. To find out more, request information or call us at 877.820.0581.

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