Proactive Tools for a Successful Transition from Undergraduate to Graduate School

Laurie A. Lindow

The transition from undergraduate to graduate school can be an overwhelming, frightening experience. Surrounding yourself with a network of “experts” can elevate your experience and start you ahead of the game. It is never too early to prepare for the extra workload and new learning environment. Tackle the intimidating world of graduate school applications and extra workload with these helpful tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Start carving out time in your demanding undergraduate upperclassman class schedule to properly prepare for the daunting application process. Scheduling only a few hours a week for building resumes, filling out applications, searching for scholarships and contacting admissions counselors is all you need to get ahead of the game. Do your research on prospective universities and the coursework required to gain a better picture of the actual learning environment as a student. Ask questions - don’t be shy with the admissions counselors and current students. Their job is to make you more comfortable with your decision.
  • Stay on Track: List out your detailed career and academic goals to stay on course with your desire to complete a graduate degree. Organize your resumes and academic materials to stay up-to-date with changes and potential opportunities. Reviewing these documents regularly will motivate you to work hard and stay focused. Examining your career and academic goals consistently will also allow you to focus in on exactly what you would like to do with your graduate degree. By utilizing these goals to re-evaluate reasons for why you are going to graduate school, it will allow you to draw-out a realistic picture of what your career will look like.
  • Enjoy This Time! This is exactly what I needed to hear when I was going through this same process. Graduate school is a marathon not a sprint, which means you need to preserve some energy. You will be working non-stop for the rest of your career; make time for yourself before you begin this process. I took a year off between undergraduate and graduate school and believe it was one of the best decisions for me. I felt refreshed and ready to dive head first into graduate school with a positive outlook. I also became more confident and open-minded to potential career investments down the road.

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