Criminology Student Spotlight: Jordyn Vanbebber

Dana E. Brede


The criminology program at Regis University is highly committed to helping students reach their long-term goals. This blog features a young woman who is an exceptional student within the criminology program and it is my honor to introduce her to the Regis community. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Jordyn Vanbebber. Jordyn is a testament to Regis University’s commitment to students, be it in a traditional classroom atmosphere or an online classroom. Regis is a great springboard for an endless amount of opportunities. In the case of Jordyn, we expect great things!

Below is an interview with Miss Vanbebber:

DB: What would you say are the contributing factors to your success within the criminology program?

JV: I think one factor that contributes to my success thus far is that criminology was always something I was extremely interested in, even before I had a name for it. As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed learning about criminals; their characteristics, their crimes, their eventual capture, and how they respond to being captured. I love reading books and watching documentaries about criminal investigations and the trials that follow. I think what I enjoy most is learning about the individual criminals in specific ways. I want to understand how they think, how they process, and their experiences that have encouraged them to become what they have become. Due to the fact that I have always enjoyed these topics, it has made my classes more enjoyable.

Another contributing factor that I believe has been beneficial is my current job as a defense paralegal. I have been blessed to work for three defense attorneys who are happy to sit and talk with me about some of the topics we have covered in my classes. Anytime I have struggled with a specific topic, or needed help understanding a concept, they have been more than willing to discuss it and help me to better understand.

DB: Why did you choose to get a criminology degree versus a degree in criminal justice?

JV: As I mentioned before, I am more interested in the criminals themselves than I am in their crimes and/or prevention or apprehension. I am interested in their childhoods, their upbringings, their experiences, their mental capacities, their emotions (or lack thereof), etc…  I want to understand their criminal development and their reasons for engaging in violent behavior. I am more drawn toward the theories that explain criminal behavior than I am the crime rates and crime reduction strategies within a society. Therefore, criminology, which focuses on the “why”, and on the individuals themselves, seemed like a better fit for me. 

DB: How is the degree program helping you to reach your career goals/aspirations?

JV: So far this program has been very beneficial in helping me pinpoint the specific fields I am interested in. All of the courses I have taken have helped me gain knowledge in the general fields that make up criminology. Some courses, however, have helped me narrow down the more specific topics I would like to focus more intently on in the future. The professors have all been very helpful and approachable whenever I needed assistance with a specific topic, and they are all very well educated in their field and have lots of applicable experience. 

DB: What advice would you offer to prospective students?

JV: I would tell prospective students that this is a great program if they are willing to take it seriously and put forth the effort. It is a lot of work and moves at a relatively fast pace so it requires a commitment. The work is time consuming and takes effort but it definitely helps you gain applicable knowledge of the topic at hand. Because I am doing the majority of my degree online, I would also encourage them to be extremely self-motivated and goal-oriented if they want to do the same. I feel that if they (the students) do their part, then the university will absolutely do theirs to help the student be successful.

DB: What made you choose Regis – what are some of the standout features of the program?

JV: I was referred to Regis by a friend who is currently in a master’s program at the school. I researched some other universities in the Colorado Springs/Denver area but none of them offered a criminology degree. I also liked the fact that I could complete my degree online but had the option of attending some courses at the Colorado Springs or Denver campuses. Everyone I spoke with during the application process was very kind and helpful which was also appealing to me. I have felt all along that the staff is as invested in my success as I am which was extremely encouraging for me.

DB: What is next for you?

JV: I will complete my bachelor’s degree at the beginning of 2016. I am also getting married during the same time frame so that will be a big season of life for me! After completing this degree, I hope to obtain a master’s and PhD in a relevant field. At this point in time, I am leaning towards a degree in forensic psychology in hopes of working with others to obtain a better understanding of how criminals develop and function, both as individuals and as a group.

Thank you Jordyn for allowing us to interview you and share your story. Best of luck to you in the future and GOD BLESS!

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