Regis Professor Interviews Criminology Students

Do you want to hear from real students in the criminology field? We’ve summarized two real-life interviews that took place between professor Dana Brede and two criminology students, Anya Pulai and Jordyn Vanbebber. In these interviews, you’ll find the answer to questions like “How has Regis made you more passionate about a career in criminology?”, and “Why did you choose to get a criminology degree versus a degree in criminal justice?”

Interview with Regis Criminology Student Anya Pulai

Regis criminology student, Anya Pulai, answers questions about how her degree program is helping her reach career goals and aspirations - Anya is currently a bail bonds agent and wants to learn more about the behavior patterns and sociological trends of crime. She also talks about standout features in the program and how Regis’ program made her passionate about a career in criminology.

Anya says one of the reasons she chose a criminology degree over a criminal justice degree is because, “I love learning about different theories of why crimes are committed. Criminology offers me those answers.” She also speaks to the coursework and assignments. “I take every assignment as a challenge. Most professors let you pick your topic as long as it is related to the topic of the week.” In her interview, Anya talks about a day in the life of a bails bond agent and what her processes are, and how she enjoys being in class and surrounded by others who have the same passion as her.

Read Anya’s full interview here.

Criminology Student Spotlight: Jordyn Vanbebber

Jordyn Vanbebber is a Regis criminology student who interviewed with professor Dana Brede. In her interview, she discusses topics like contributing factors to her success in the criminology program, and also gives advice to prospective students. When asked what advice she would offer, Jordyn says, “I feel that if they (the students) do their part, then the university will absolutely do theirs to help the student be successful.”

Some of the reasons Jordyn chose the criminology program at Regis University include being able to complete the degree online, but also having the option of attending some courses on campus. Jordyn has been able to identify the specific fields she is interested in, which will help her narrow her focus as she continues her education.

Read Jordyn’s full interview here.

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