Pursuing an Online Master of Science in Criminology Degree

Dana E. Brede
  • Have you been considering going back to school for your graduate level degree, but are not sure how you can juggle your different responsibilities (perhaps you are a parent or working a full-time job) and roles?
  • Do you prefer a learning environment that is flexible to your schedule?
  • Are you seeking an alternative to a more traditional classroom atmosphere?

Pursuing an education and juggling work and family can seem overwhelming at times…but it doesn’t have to be that way. Online learners are busy adults who are able to constructively utilize their time to learn presented material and complete assignments. Pursing an education online allows for an asynchronous learning environment, accessing course materials at any time. Online learning has continued to evolve and improve, which has helped fuel its rapid growth. Initial criticism and skepticism has failed to argue with the empirical data that strongly supports that online learning can be as equally effective as face-to-face education.

From criminal justice and law enforcement, to corporate security and public policy, criminology careers are vast and constantly evolving, yet only a handful of U.S. universities offer “criminology” degrees. According to the IPEDS Data Center, Regis University is one of only SEVEN schools in the United States to offer an online Master of Science in Criminology degree1.

As a student in Regis University’s master’s in criminology program, you have the option to choose a focus area from three top career tracks in criminology: leadership, human behavior, and cybercrime / terrorism. A common theme among prospective students is their appreciation of having the option of choosing a focus area that is beneficial and unique to their needs and wants. Regis University’s criminology program is NOT a one-size fits all program. At Regis, we want YOU to walk away with experience and opportunities that will propel you toward your goals.

Question: How do online classes work?

Answer: A student might be surprised that online classes are far more interpersonal than they think, including the consistent interaction with peers in their cohort. At the start of every course, you are given a syllabus and an overview of classroom expectations. New students will be acquainted with the online portal and the “how-to” in terms of submitting assignments, posting to the discussion boards, contacting instructors and other important matters. The learning atmosphere parallels course readings and learning activities, and is highly interactive and engaging. Further, there is no difference in the rigor between online and on-campus courses—in fact, many on-campus courses utilize components of the online classroom simply for its structure and enrichment value.

For a more comprehensive look at course options that are available with our Master of Science in Criminology degree, please call 877-820-0581 to speak to an admissions counselor, or request more information online. Also, feel free to e-mail either myself at dbrede@regis.edu or an admissions counselor if you would like to be put in touch with a current online student that can attest to the program and answer any additional questions you may have.