The CSI Conference at Regis University

Elizabeth Ortiz, MS, F-ABMDI

For the past six years, Regis University has hosted an event identified as the CSI Conference in which speakers from various criminal justice fields provide an example of their expertise to students, faculty, and citizens. This conference provides information to those who are not yet in the field, those who want to join a field in the justice system, or just to those who want to further educate themselves. This event provides an insight into the many fields of the criminal justice system. The event is held over a two-day period during a weekend. Not only does this conference provide an insight to what is taking place in the criminal justice “world”, but many are provided an opportunity to purchase books, literature, shirts, and other small items.

Some of the speakers are Regis University alumni, others are adjunct professors or the professors themselves, the rest of the speakers are members of our community who are affiliated in the criminal justice field. This is a perfect opportunity to discover what field of study you could be interested in and subsequently apply to that field. The setting is ideal to ask the speakers the course of action you would need to take or how to obtain experience. The setting is informal thus providing the opportunity to ask any questions you deem important. There is never an incorrect question nor is there ever a silly question.

The conference is free thus allowing you to hear great speakers and provide you with the ability to start formulating ideas, thoughts, and goals to reach. This is also a great opportunity to hear instructors you might not have had classes with but can select a future course with. Secondly, if you have not registered to attend Regis University, this is the perfect opportunity because there are many individuals willing to help you, and you will encounter many of them throughout the course of your educational journey.

In all, this is a package filled with amazing content that will provide you with insight and a sense of energy you did not know you had. The conference provides you with new tools to place on your tool belt of life and essentially guide you to fulfilling your dreams. Not many universities provide such tools to their students and faculty, let alone include members of the community in hopes of inspiring them to return to school to do what they have always dreamed of doing. Many of the community members might not have had to opportunity to go to school and have possibly wondered if they could make an impact in the world; this conference is the perfect tool to set those souls on fire and to give them the inspiration of going back to school and acquiring a new career. Therefore, make sure you attend the next CSI Conference and be prepared to fill your heart and mind with new ideas, thoughts and goals.

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