2015 Regis University Criminology Events

Dana E. Brede
  1. Are you interested in an opportunity to directly network with professionals within the field of criminology?
  2. Do you have an interest in expanding your awareness of course content?
  3. Have you taken or are you interested in enrolling in a graduate level course on the topic of sexual homicide?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, I want to fill you in on a speaker series that I am very excited to highlight and present in this blog post. I would like to encourage you to keep informed about upcoming events and speaker series that may interest you!

For those of you who are not familiar with this series, please allow me to explain. Regis University’s College of Contemporary Liberal Studies hosts multiple speaker series throughout the calendar year that highlight the most relevant and riveting topics within the field of criminology. These topics range from sexual homicide case studies to public safety implications. In addition to the speaker series, there are other events that students are encouraged to attend such as the CSI and the School Violence Symposium. It goes without saying that these events are very valuable for students. The benefits of attending events at Regis extends beyond education as there is much emphasis placed on networking, access to industry professionals and exposure to real-life and tangible applications of course content.

Events that parallel the criminology program are a great opportunity for students to hear about the most current practices and research on topics that have lasting criminological implications. Featured speakers include prominent criminal psychologists, retired law enforcement officers, district attorneys and other high profile professionals at both local and national levels. Moreover, with a goal to educate, inspire, and motivate, each speaker shares in-depth knowledge and insights on issues directly relevant to working in jobs/careers in the field of criminology.

Information on Upcoming Events can be found here: http://www.regis.edu/News-Events-Media.aspx

  • CSI Event – The annual Regis University CSI conference brings in top discipline speakers to discuss current criminology topics. The event provides a career-enhancing opportunity for students to learn from industry experts and network with professionals in the field. Past conference topics have included an inside perspective of high profile incidents and the healing of survivors, public safety and emergency medical personnel, crime scene investigation and cybercrime and terrorism1.
  • Foundation for the Prevention of School Violence Symposium – This annual event showcases educators, law enforcement, administrators and community members whose goal is to create safe and effectual school learning environments. Experienced practitioners who are exploring the best practices in the prevention of school violence lead engaging presentations and moderated discussions throughout the day2.
  • Annual Speaker Series – Each year industry experts are invited to attend a regular Regis University criminology course. Students are provided the opportunity to network with these professionals in their chosen fields of interest throughout the term. Current topics of focus are chosen to provide attendees with insight and education on specific criminology subject matter4.

Please ask your advisors and/or instructors for upcoming events that can enhance your experience at Regis! If you would like to learn more about the Master of Science in Criminology program at Regis University, request more information or call 877.820.0581.