MSCR 604 Contemporary Issues in Criminology

In the Contemporary Issues in Criminology course students will explore the advanced scope, mission and methods of criminology, with a focus on innovation, leadership needs and future studies. The course covers the current state of theory, research and accomplishments in both knowledge and policy about criminality and criminal events. Students continue their research using scenario planning techniques to prepare for the future. Assignments include weekly written assignments, class participation and a final project.

Eight learning topics are covered in this course. They include the following:

  1. Overview of the Study and Applications of Criminology
  2. Public Safety
  3. Crime Prevention
  4. Terrorism and Organized Crime
  5. Urban Crime
  6. Victimology
  7. Restorative Justice
  8. Emerging Issues in Global Criminology

Guest speakers also regularly attend in order to deepen the student experience and richness of learning. Some past examples of guest speakers include:

  • Dr. Don Bross, Kempe Center, University of Colorado Health Sciences discussing child abuse
  • Dr. David Mirch discussing the psychology of serial killers
  • Lt. Jon Priest, Ret. discussing homicide case studies
  • Clark Davenport discussing finding clandestine graves

When this course is completed, students will be able to:

  • Examine major issues identified as global criminology concerns.
  • Examine major issues identified as national and local criminology concerns.
  • Identify and utilize major sources of scholarly research involving crime and criminology.
  • Identify new core competencies pertaining to contemporary criminology issues.
  • Discuss innovative applications of theory and practice in the area of contemporary criminology.
  • Articulate in-depth knowledge of one key issue that pertains to contemporary crime, offenders and/or victims.

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