Social Violence Curriculum

Undergraduate Certificate in Social Violence Curriculum

Regis University wants to ensure that your education aligns with your career aspirations, which is why the 15-credit-hour Undergraduate Certificate in Social Violence is flexible, letting you design your educational path. 

CR 350 Criminology (3 credit hours) This course analyzes social, political, and economic forces that shape the nature, extent, and definitions of crime. It includes corporate and government crime, and the relationship of racism, sexism, and drugs with crime, and imprisonment.

CR 370 Criminal Deviance (3 credit hours) Study of criminal behavior from a psychosocial approach. Examines various criminological perspectives of criminal behavior as well as specific psychological, biological, and learning factors of those individuals disposed to commit crime.

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CR 427 Criminal Profiling (3 credit hours) Provides an introduction to the science of criminal investigative analysis, which is the process of inferring distinctive personality characteristics of individuals responsible for committing criminal acts. Discussions include wider societal contexts and implications.

CR 428 Children and Violence (3 credit hours) Examines children as victims and perpetrators from historical, clinical and sociological perspectives. Discusses assessment and prevention of abuse and the effects of abuse as measured in long-term psychological impairment and societal impact.

CR 429 Family Violence (3 credit hours) Investigates issues associated with the use of aggression against household members, aggression that is against their will and detrimental to their physical, emotional and psychological welfare. Addresses social impact of violence as well as prevention.

CR 430 Sexual Homicide (3 credit hours) Explores the psychological mind of sex crime perpetrators and murderers, including formative influences, contexts of power, patterns and motives. Uses case studies to probe into criminal enterprises, personal cause, group cause and sexual homicides.

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CR 433 Violence in the Workplace (3 credit hours) This course is an interdisciplinary examination of, and practical approaches to, prevention, intervention and dealing with the aftermath of violence in the workplace.

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