Undergraduate Certificate in Social Violence Curriculum

No Longer Accepting New Students to Certificate Programs

The Undergraduate Certificate in Social Violence helps you take your career in the criminal justice system or a military directed organization to the next level. This strong credential can help you enter into either field. The certificate’s elective courses are extremely flexible and with the guidance of your academic adviser, you can tailor the program to meet your career goals. Upon completion you’ll have an advanced understanding of social violence and the skills to make a constructive difference in your career. 

A Criminology Certificate in Social Violence is ideal for:

  • Gaining necessary training for career promotion.
  • Potential students interested in entering the B.S. in Criminology program.

Benefits of a Criminology Certificate at Regis include:

  • The certificate can be earned on campus, online or a combination of both.
  • The same expert faculty of the bachelor’s degree program teaches classes for the certificate.
  • Within the context of each course, assignments can be personalized to your career goals and interests.
  • All credits earned from the certificate can be applied toward the B.S. in Criminology degree. 

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