Online MS Criminology Courses in Cybercrime & Terrorism

The cyber terrorism focus area within the masters degree in criminology program requires 9-credit hours of coursework. The required courses are outlined below and can be taken online or on campus.

The M.S. in Criminology degree requires 36 credit hours regardless of the focus area pursued. The classes in the Cybercrime/Terrorism Focus (below) will replace three graduate courses approved by your academic advisor. Additionally, course 660 is a prerequisite for the focus area courses.

Cybercrime/Terrorism Focus Area
NOTE: Course 660 is a prerequisite that must be completed prior to starting the focus area.

MSCR 670: Computer Forensics, Law, Evidence and Cyberterrorism
This course introduces the knowledge of the law and techniques necessary to the work of a computer forensics analyst. Many people do not know that the scientific discipline of computer forensics is gaining prominence, and rapidly becoming essential to recovering evidence that is so vital to pursuing justice for all persons. New cutting-edge content on cyberterrorism, social engineering, network forensics, and the process of retrieving and analyzing digital evidence will be presented. This course will prepare the student who seeks to obtain knowledge and skills about the legality of searches and evidence seizure, storage, transport, and analysis of electronically stored information. The technical and legal rules of procedure involved in searching, extracting, maintaining, and storing electronic information will be covered. This course is designed to fill the need for a comprehensive background in the law and techniques in computer forensics, without being too technical, or too thick in legal analysis. This course is very suitable for the student who does not have a technical or legal background in computer forensics.

MSIA 670 Enterprise Information Assurance (3 credit hours)
This course introduces the basic Information Assurance (IA) model covering database, application, and system security. Current security standards, best practices, and auditing strategies will also be explored.

MSIA 678 Risk Management (3 credit hours)
This course prepares students to evaluate an organization's exposure to information technology security threats. Rigorous security policies and standards-based analysis are used to judge existing security systems and create an actionable threat-matrix.

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