Graduate Certificate in Criminology Courses

Graduate Certificate in Criminology Curriculum

Completion of the online Graduate Certificate in Criminology from Regis University requires 18-credit hours of coursework. The required courses are taken from the Core Requirements of the full M.S. in Criminology degree program at Regis University. Under a normal course load, the Certificate in Criminology program can be completed online or on-campus in one year or less.

MSCR 604 Contemporary Issues in Criminology (3 credit hours) This course examines criminology based on global research and practical applications, including public safety, terrorism, organized crime, urban crime, victimology, restorative justice, crime prevention and other existing and emerging issues.

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MSCR 605 Criminal Psychopathology (3 credit hours) The criminal mind will be explored in this course, with emphasis on criminal behavior patterns, factors that influence criminal behavior and the pathology of criminal behavior. Changing environments and demographics related to crime will also be examined.

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MSCR 620 Leadership Principles in Criminology (3 credit hours) Examines contemporary leadership theories and models and explores multiple examples and case studies within Criminology. Specific areas of discipline, system collaboration, teamwork, stakeholder perceptions and leadership ethics will be discussed. Prerequisite(s): MSCR 604; MSCR 605

MSCR 625 Ethical Conduct and Positions of Power (3 credit hours) Through case studies, readings, and interactive discussions, students in this course will examine the contemporary ethical standards and conduct of those in leadership positions. Conflicts of interest, authoritative power and abuse, political influence, trust relationships and violations of trust, and other dilemmas faced by those in positions of power will be explored.

MSCR 640 Transnational Collaboration in Combating Crime (3 credit hours) From a global perspective, this course examines the multinational efforts to fight organized crime, economic crime, cyber crime, terrorism, human trafficking and drug dealing. In addition, population migratory trends, transnational cooperation and super-national policies will be discussed.

MSCR 650 Contemporary Crime Policy: Current and Future Need (3 credit hours) This course explores existing crime policy and examines how emerging crime trends, cultural diversity, resources, and other influential factors are affecting the development of future policy change.

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