Online Master of Science in Criminology

Learn from Past Criminal Behavior. Prevent Future Crime.

Criminology studies all aspects of criminal behavior on individual and social levels to analyze crime and how populations can respond. Few problems are as important as reducing crime, yet we still face an ongoing struggle to find a solution to the high crime rates.

A Master of Science in Criminology is designed for those who are passionate about reducing criminal behavior and want to grow their careers and help change how crime is perceived within both the public and private sectors.

Examine the Criminal Mind
Explore the factors that cause criminal behavior and the most effective practices for reforming it with our online or on campus Master’s in Criminology. Our in-depth curriculum examines:

  • Socioeconomic, environmental, political, and cultural circumstances
  • Criminal psychology, sociology, behavior patterns, and criminal profiles
  • Analysis of crime statistics
  • Leadership, ethics, policy, and decision making

Through the Master’s in Criminology, students will analyze important questions about criminal behavior:

  • Is criminal behavior learned or inherent?
  • How can cognitive and behavioral psychology prevent future crimes from taking place?
  • What is the cause of the high crime rate among teenagers and what are the potential solutions?
  • How can educational institutions prevent school violence?
  • Is there a way to decrease the high number of gang violence statistics?

Zero-In on Your Area of Interest

The best possible solution to crime is prevention. With an online Master’s Degree in Criminology from Regis University, you can develop a highly specialized skill set in understanding, predicting, and preventing crime in a completely customizable curriculum. Our Master’s program is unique in that it can tailor courses to fit your particular interests in criminology. Choose a subject you are passionate about and work with your professor to create personalized coursework on topics such as human trafficking, public safety or victim advocacy within the context of each course.

In addition to your chosen subject of interest, the Master of Science in Criminology at Regis offers three distinct areas of focus to target a specific career track:

Learn What Our M.S. in Criminology Students Think About the Program!

Discover what our students think of Regis University’s M.S. in Criminology program. See how our program is tailored to your specific interests, setting you up for career success and preparing you to apply your knowledge immediately within the workplace.

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Laurie Lindow: M.S. Candidate, Criminology: “The degree I’m getting here is a Master of Science in Criminology. Criminology encompasses psychology, sociology and criminal justice. I’ve worked a lot with the faculty here on my interests; they all know that I’m very passionate about human trafficking as well as public safety and crime prevention. Dr. Browne has set up this internship for me at the Department of Homeland Security Public Safety and allowed me to kind of interact and network.”

Dr. Stephen Browne, Criminology Dept. Assistant Professor: “How do the students get these internships? And that is the faculty’s professional backgrounds. All of our faculty know people in the business because that’s where they either are now, or where they came from. You can take Leadership as a focus area. You can take a Behavior area, more of a psychological bent, or you can do a Cyber digital evidence focus.”

“This is the ninth year of [the annual] CSI [symposium]. The purpose of CSI is to bring experts together to discuss and present programs that are of benefit, either to the general public (it’s a free conference that we offer), and particularly to students.”

“One of my other students, Elizabeth Ortiz, she’s a death investigator.”

Elizabeth Ortiz, M.S. Criminology: “Registering here, I knew what I wanted to do and that was to tackle DNA collection, with our coroner’s offices and hopefully make it into a House Bill where it’s mandated by all coroner’s offices to collect DNA.”

“So I consider Dr. Browne my advisor still, even though I’ve completed my degree. He’s guiding me into trying to get my paper published, and hopefully take it to the Senate.”

Laurie Lindow: “My M.S. Degree here at Regis University in Criminology has allowed me to see the big picture in crime prevention, and tie in psychology and human behavior.”

Elizabeth Ortiz: “Regis University is helping me with all my successes.”


Evidence Item #004: Criminology vs. Criminal Justice >>

While criminology and criminal justice share the same theme of supporting societies’ laws, there are major differences in the academic approaches they employ.

Criminology and criminal justice are viewed as “cause and effect”:

A master’s degree in criminology focuses on the causes that relate to and lead to criminal behavior. This degree offers a broad range of career opportunities that include leadership roles within law enforcement and the criminal justice system, as well as, roles in social services, public policy, the military, and in the security field. Some common careers in criminology include:

  • Police Administrators
  • Federal Agents
  • Intelligence analysts
  • Forensic Psychologists
  • Gaming Investigators
  • Loss Prevention Specialists
  • Strategic Security Specialists
  • Victim Services Specialists

A master’s degree in criminal justice focuses on the effects of crime, related to the apprehension and treatment of criminals. The most popular careers in criminal justice are typically associated with police and detectives, corrections and the criminal justice system:

  • Police Officers
  • State Troopers
  • Paralegals
  • Legal Assistants
  • Probation Officers
  • Detectives
  • Private Security Officers

A master’s in criminology greatly expands career options beyond what a criminal justice degree provides. Graduates of Regis University’s Masters in Criminology program are expertly prepared for leadership and managerial roles across the criminal justice system, private security, intelligence gathering and analysis, insurance investigation, social services, military applications and much more.

After earning a Master of Science in Criminology, a number of upper management positions in the field may be available to you. While the diploma will help you stand apart from the competition, the knowledge you’ve obtained through your degree program at Regis University will continually help you shine and grow throughout your criminology career.

Why Choose Regis University's Online Master of Science in Criminology?

  • Learn how to understand, predict and prevent crime in a multi-tracked program that focuses on leadership, human behavior, or cybercrime/terrorism.
  • Coursework throughout the curriculum is customized to a specific area of criminology that interests you most.
  • Enrich your studies with our respected, practitioner-based faculty.
  • Earn a career-building degree with the flexibility of choosing courses on campus, online, or a combination of both.
  • Benefit from the strong network of support you’ll have as a student with our knowledgeable faculty advisors, and our career service resources.
  • Join a geographically diverse student body with a variety of viewpoints and backgrounds to enhance your world perspective.
  • Be part of an award-winning, nationally recognized college with the reputation as an industry leader in adult higher education.
  • Gain life-long access to career counseling resources from Regis University.

Learn more about earning a criminology degree at Regis University. Call us at 877.820.0581 to speak with an admissions counselor. Or, request information or visit our resource center to gain more insight on the criminology and criminal justice industry.


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