Student Spotlight - Laurie Lindow

Laurie Lindow
Master of Science in Criminology

What led you to seek a criminology degree?
Before starting the program, I was fascinated with forensic science. My interest led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Geology. After I completed my undergraduate degree, I did some research on graduate programs that focused more on the criminal justice/criminology aspect of forensics. I realized criminology was where I wanted to focus my career because I am more interested in the investigative work and understanding why criminals do the things they do -- more of a profiler’s point of view.

Criminology encompasses psychology, sociology and criminal justice. I like that it focuses on why criminal behavior occurs. Criminology also offers a wide variety of job opportunities. You can pursue a career in the social field, which deals with victim advocacy, or law enforcement, as well as the academic side, and become a professor.

So Criminology encompasses all of the things that I desired to do as a graduate student so I chose Regis because criminology was the main focus the program.

What about Regis’ M.S. in Criminology stood out to you that helped lead to your decision to enroll at Regis?
I went online and researched the top criminology programs across the country; specifically programs with in-class options and Regis popped up. After doing some research on the professors, the small class sizes, and the in-class and online options offered, I decided on Regis. It also helped that the university was located in Denver, Colorado!

Do you take classes online or on campus?
I did a combination of both online and on campus depending on my schedule at the time. I was the graduate assistant softball coach at Regis, and during the season I would take more online options because of our amount of travel. I preferred to take on-campus classes because of the learner that I am. The online program offered interaction between all my classmates, even though you could be across the world from each other. My professors were available 24/7, and were even available for a Skype interview if I needed to get that one-on-one interaction.

Describe how you were able to tailor Regis’ criminology program to your interests and goals.
My initial course was an introduction to criminology, and Dr. Lindley did a wonderful job at presenting all the modern-day issues we have in the public safety realm. One of those issues was human trafficking, and it just opened my eyes to the horrific crimes being committed today. As I continued through my courses, I tried to tie human trafficking in as many projects as I could. The faculty was aware about my passion for human trafficking, as well as public safety and crime prevention. This allowed me to tailor my interest in human trafficking to each individual class.

What is your favorite thing about the criminology program at Regis?
My favorite thing about the criminology program at Regis was definitely the small class sizes, which allowed me to gain more individual feedback from my professors. The professors also have such a wide range of careers which expanded my view of the public safety and crime prevention industry. Overall, I had great experiences with each one of my professors, as well as classmates. The community here is very open and easy going; everyone is willing to help each other while also pushing each other to reach their potential.

Did Regis’s program help you to further your career?
My professor, Dr. Brown, set up an internship for me at the Colorado Department of Public Safety, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. The careers of the professors at Regis, in combination with the well-known reputations they upheld allowed me to make connections and network with agencies across the state. Being able to network with professionals at the state and federal level, gave me a real-life picture of my career field. I also was able to build relationships with individuals from a variety of agencies which eventually led me to landing a job at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

What is your dream job?
My dream job would be to work at the federal level with either the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). I would love to be able to have a more hands-on approach to investigating human trafficking at the international level. Building a career around investigations or analytical work would be the ideal situation.

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