Regis University Marks 10 Years Of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Conferences

The series has covered major CSI topics and emerging trends for criminology professionals.

Denver, Colo. (September 28, 2015) — Regis University, known for its respected and accredited criminology degree programs, hosted its 10th annual CSI Conference this past weekend. These events are valuable opportunities for criminology professionals and students to learn from and engage with high-profile law enforcement officers, military personnel and other advanced professionals within the field. Keynote and lecture topics over the years have ranged from terrorism to digital forensics, and provide important insights that help attendees build their professional network on Regis University’s campus.

The most recent conference, “The New Faces of Terrorism,” occurred September 25 and 26 in Denver. Attendees learned about developments in the fight against domestic and foreign terrorism from experts and on-the-ground practitioners such as Jim Davis, former special agent in charge of the Denver division of the FBI, who spent two years in Iraq and Afghanistan and led the FBI team that initially processed Saddam Hussein after his capture in December 2003.

Other topics included a look at the psychological factors of young adults in the U.S., especially women in joining ISIS and the transitional crime and terrorism involved in illegal wildlife trafficking.

Previous conferences have delved into other timely issues facing criminologists. Last year’s event focused on cybercrime and digital forensics. Detective Michael Leiker, guest speaker and prosecution witness in the Aurora theater shooting case, presented “Cybercrime and Computer Forensics: A Practical Demonstration.” This presentation explored various aspects of cybercrime as well as the hardware used to commit it. Attendees were given a visual tour that demonstrated where evidence of criminal activity is located on computer hard drives and mobile devices and how it can be found through the use of a Forensic Tool Kit (FTK).

In 2012 and 2013, issues included child and adolescent forensic interviews, in which attendees learned how interviewers elicit critical information from a juvenile witness and the factors that influence children’s statements. Also, Professor Jim Ponzi presented a digital forensics investigation, a high-profile presentation centered around present techniques used by terrorists to convey information between terrorist cells and the terrorism potential the U.S. can experience through the use of computers.

Regis University is honored to be able to continue to present these conferences and provide a forum where criminology experts can come together to learn from their peers and explore the latest topics within the advancing field.

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