Regis University Succesfully Hosts Its Annual Foundation for the Prevention of School Violence Symposium

In celebration of this milestone, the university looks back on best practices in creating safe learning environments.

Denver, Colo. (September 14, 2014) — Regis University, a values-centered institution recognized as a leader in criminology, successfully hosted its annual Foundation for the Prevention of School Violence Symposium. In conjunction with the university’s School of Education and School of Humanities and Social Sciences, this foundation evokes a mission to prevent school violence by collecting research that ensures safety within schools and establishes secure learning environments.

The Foundation for the Prevention of School Violence is centered around the effectiveness of prevention and intervention programs in educational institutions. The 2014 annual event showcased guest speaker presentations from experienced practitioners to members of the community. Keynote speaker Larry Scott spoke on behalf of Rachel’s Challenge — a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the community together and creating safe schools. Mr. Scott emphasized how students, parents and administrators can motivate each other and sympathize with their peers to create the absence of fear in school and also prevent future violence within their school.

Additional keynote speakers included John Nicoletti of Nicoletti-Flater Associates. Mr. Nicoletti specializes in police and public safety psychology, crisis intervention, trauma recovery and violence prevention in Lakewood.

Regis University is honored to continuously announce the foremost topics within these educational events and bring together a community of people who strive to prevent violence in our education system and create a safe, engaging learning environment for all.

About Regis University:
Regis University is located in Denver, Colorado, with additional campuses throughout the state. Regis is one of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States, and has been nationally recognized as a leader in higher education for adult learners, as well as a pioneer in online learning. The motto on the university’s seal, “Men and Women in Service of Others,” exemplifies Regis’ mission and the elevated purpose of Jesuit education: to form men and women who use their knowledge to impact the world, as well as the desire of our faculty and staff to be of service to students and the community.