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The Regis Criminology Difference

Center for Career and Professional Development

A master’s degree in Criminology from Regis University offers you life-long access to the Center for Career and Professional Development at the university. Additionally, Regis University is part of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU)--a consortium of nearly 30 prestigious schools across the US that include Boston College, Georgetown, Loyola, and Xavier Universities. If you are not located in Colorado and are looking for support, the Regis Center for Career and Professional Development can forward a reciprocity request to an affiliated Jesuit University. Learn more by visiting the Center for Career and Professional Development.

Build a Strong Female Support Network

Our female-friendly program is ideal for women seeking to build a strong support network, and lasting professional relationships. Our dean, Dr. Elisa Robyn, plays an important role in the University’s faculty and student body. Some of Regis faculty include Gwendolyn Pascoe, an instructor in the Criminology program, and the director for the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force, which operates under the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and Dr. Roberta Mancuso, who holds a Doctorate in Social Psychology, and is involved in curriculum development for the Masters in Criminology. There are numerous opportunities to connect with female faculty and build a strong network in what is often thought of as a male dominated career field.

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Industry Event Access

As a student at Regis University’s Master of Science in Criminology program, you have access to a variety of industry-related events, including:


About Regis University

Regis University was founded in 1877 in Las Vegas, Nev., as Las Vegas College. The College was renamed Regis University in 1921 in honor of St. John Francis Regis, a French Jesuit and saint best known for his work with marginalized women and children. He was recognized as a saint by Pope Clement XII in 1737.

Regis University is now headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with five additional campuses throughout the state. Regis is one of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States, and has been nationally recognized as a leader in higher education for adult learners, as well as a pioneer in online learning.

The motto on the University’s seal, "Men and Women in Service of Others," exemplifies Regis' mission and the elevated purpose of Jesuit education: to form men and women who use their knowledge to impact the world, as well as the desire of our faculty and staff to be of service to students and the community.

About Regis University’s College of Contemporary Liberal Studies

Regis University’s College of Contemporary Liberal Studies (CCLS) offers a values-centered Jesuit education specifically designed for the adult learner. Our students are working professionals, parents, and spouses seeking their bachelor's or master's degree from an accredited University that respects the balance between work, school and family. We are proud of our reputation as a national leader in adult education, offering innovative online learning, multiple campus locations, nationally-recognized curriculum, and dedicated and award-winning faculty. Bolstered by more than 130 years of tradition and a commitment to academic excellence, CCLS continues to make earning a respected degree accessible and affordable.

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