Criminology Programs


The First 48 Hours of a Homicide

When a police department receives a report of a possible homicide, the decisions made within the first 48 hours are critical. After this period expires, the chances of solving the case diminish. This infographic takes you through those first 48 hours. It illustrates the methods investigators use to gather information, process this data and ultimately how their findings could be used in capturing and convicting the perpetrator.

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The successful investigation of a homicide requires many players, each with a specific and important role. Working in unison with uniformed officers, homicide investigators, medical examiners, and other forensic technicians execute the investigation with coordinated precision like the various members of an orchestra. You can become one of these key players — police officer, forensic investigator, forensic psychologist, loss prevention specialist, victim services advocate — by earning a criminology degree at Regis University.