Study in Human Behavior – MS in Criminology Curriculum

The Human Behavior Focus within the online Master of Science in Criminology degree requires 9-credit hours of coursework. The required courses are outlined below and can be taken online, on campus, or both as a blended program.

The online M.S. in Criminology degree requires 36 credit hours regardless of whether a focus area is pursued. The classes in the behavior track will replace three graduate courses approved by your academic advisor.

What is the Study of Human Behavior?

The Human Behavior courses play an important role in understanding the criminal mind and learning the origins of criminal behavior from a multidisciplinary approach including sociological, psychological, and biological. Students will analyze criminal behavior psychology, behavioral theory, along with cognitive psychology to more clearly understand and address deviant behavior in society.

Human Behavior Curriculum

MAPY 606 Seminar in Theories of Personality (3 credit hours)

Examine personality development from many theoretical orientations, including: psychodynamic, humanistic, existential, dispositional, and learning theory. Evaluate the impact of social variables, such as culture and gender and their contribution to personality development.

MAPY 607 Seminar in Social Psychology (3 credit hours)

Study major themes in the discipline of social psychology from an interdisciplinary perspective, with an emphasis on practical professional application. Topics include social cognition, prejudice, aggression, attraction, persuasion, conformity, pro social behavior, and body image.

MAPY 671 Seminar in Abnormal Psychology (3 credit hours)

Gain an overview of abnormal psychology through classifications and diagnostic criteria of selected mental disorders using an integrative perspective. Understand the role of neurophysiology and genetics in mental disorders, environment, developmental issues, and prevention.

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