Bachelor of Science in Criminology Curriculum

Targeted Course Work to Understand the Criminal Mind.

Regis University's criminology curriculum offers an expansive view of criminal behavior and the criminal mind. Faculty members, who all have real-world field experience, use contemporary and practical examples and issues to ensure you gain the highest level of understanding of criminology. The online B.S. in Criminology program mirrors its on-campus counterpart, and ensures that you graduate prepared to make a constructive difference in the world. The criminology major requires a total of 45 credit hours in core studies and an additional 15 credit hours of elective classes.

The Fast Track Master’s Degree Option

Degree Requirements

Courses are offered online & in the classroom

General Core Studies (45 credit hours)

Foundational Courses (15 credit hours)

Upper Division Major Requirements (27 credit hours)

Select one of the following courses

Optional Minor (12 credit hours)

General Electives (26-38 credit hours)

  • If a minor is completed: 26 credit hours
  • If a minor is not completed: 38 credit hours

Total Degree Requirements = 128 credit hours

Prepare to Prevent Criminal Behavior

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