Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Prevent Criminals from Ever Becoming One.

Numbers and Facts Don’t Lie

  • In 2011, an estimated 14,612 persons were murdered in the U.S.
  • In 2012, an estimated 1,214,462 violent crimes happened throughout the nation.
  • In 2011, roughly 83,425 forcible rapes were reported to law enforcement.*

You Can Change These Numbers

The nation needs men and women who have the knowledge and expertise to deter criminal behavior — the nation needs you. Regis University’s Bachelor of Science in Criminology gives you insight into the criminal mind so you can prevent criminal acts before they occur. The program is customizable and critically analyzes the social, political, and environmental factors that drive crime. Unlike a criminal justice degree, which focuses on policing and law enforcement, Regis’ criminology degree offers vital knowledge on criminal behavior, its causes, and its overall impact on society.

Regis’ criminology program opens more doors to career opportunity. The skills taught are useful in law enforcement, social services, private and industrial security, loss prevention, counseling, and many other fields. You’ll be able to deter criminal activity in the field that fits your passion.

Course work progresses beyond general behaviors and causes of crime to focus on specific issues, such as juvenile crime, violence in the workplace and terrorism.

A Degree with a Flexible Format

The Bachelor of Science in Criminology is fully customizable to meet your aspirations without interrupting your current career. Classes are offered online as well as on ground at one of Regis University's many convenient campus locations. Either way, you'll receive the same respected degree taught by the same distinguished professors.

Fast Track Your Master’s Degree

Regis University’s combined bachelor’s to master’s program is ideal for goal-oriented learners who wish to complete a Master of Science in Criminology while minimizing the associated time and expense.

Students earning a bachelor’s degree in criminology can substitute two graduate courses from the M.S. in Criminology program for two upper division elective undergraduate courses. This means that you save time and money by having classes count for both your undergraduate and graduate degree.

Prepare to Prevent Criminal Behavior

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