Criminology Programs


Criminology Degree Programs

A degree in criminology can open up new doors in the criminal justice field and has applications in many other careers such as social services, public policy and private security. Earn your criminology degree in a way that works for you. Regis University gives you the flexibility to study on campus or completely online.

With our Criminology degree programs, you can:

  • Discuss and debate issues with a culturally and geographically diverse student body
  • Choose a learning style that's right for you, with the option of an all-online curriculum or on-campus courses at a variety of Regis University's convenient campus locations

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Our bachelor's degree in criminology is designed for professionals in the criminal justice field as well as those in other fields such as social sciences and public policy who want to help prevent and solve crimes. The program offers an analysis of the social, political, and environmental factors that drive deviant behavior.

Master of Science in Criminology

The master's degree in criminology is an advanced analysis of crime and criminal behavior. Students are encouraged to use a particular criminological issue they are passionate about as an area of study and research it throughout the program. This program prepares students to move into the upper ranks of criminal justice and related fields.

Regis University Criminology Certificate Programs

Certificate programs from Regis University give students the option to quickly and cost-effectively learn new skills and concepts that can be immediately applied in their current career and can also open doors to advancement or new job opportunities.

Certificates can be earned online or at many of Regis University's campuses. The curriculum for each certificate is made up of classes from the full degree program taught by the same distinguished Regis professors.


Undergraduate Certificate in Homeland Security

This certificate is a means to study, in depth, theories and practices which support ongoing efforts while wrestling with the problems in this growing field of international and national interest.

Undergraduate Certificate in Social Violence

This certificate program has been developed for students who are employed or are seeking employment in the criminal justice system or military directed organizations.

Graduate Certificate in Criminology

Understanding, predicting, and preventing crime is the goal of master's-level study in Criminology, and one of the fastest ways to get this knowledge to advance your career is the Graduate Certificate of Criminology, available online and on campus from Regis University.

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