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Master of Science in Criminology

Help Shape the Future of Crime Prevention

Understanding, predicting and preventing crime is the goal of master's-level study in Criminology. The curriculum of the master’s program explores the societal, political and cultural factors that can cause or contribute to crime, as well as topics related to leadership and ethics, crime policy and prevention, and decision-making. Students are encouraged to personalize the course by using a subject of special interest as an area of research and study. In both the online and on-campus programs, students take the same classes taught by the same distinguished staff of Regis professors.

Criminology vs. Criminal Justice

With its focus on criminal behavior, a master's degree in criminology differs from a master's in criminal justice, which emphasizes procedures related to the apprehension and treatment of criminals. Criminology is the critical analysis and exploration of criminal behavior, its causes and its patterns.

A master's degree in criminology may be beneficial to law enforcement officers and other criminal justice professionals planning to move into management roles. Its wide-ranging subject area means it may be applicable to many other fields as well, such as private security, intelligence gathering and analysis, and insurance investigation.

Why Choose Regis University's Master of Science in Criminology?

  • The flexibility of earning the same prestigious degree either on-campus or online according to your own schedule and preferred learning style
  • A geographically diverse student body with a variety of viewpoints and backgrounds
  • Assignments tailored to your interests and background
  • The confidence of studying at a school that is recognized as a national leader in adult higher education

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